Jiangsu Lianbo Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2008. The company has a production base of more than 30,000 square meters, currently employs 200 people, Japan imports more than 40 high-speed punch Taiwan, imports of testing equipment more than 30 sets, with an annual capacity of up to more than 60,000 tons, the annual output value of up to 500 million yuan , The company plans to 2021, imports of high-speed punch reached more than 80 sets, annual production capacity of up to more than 10 million tons, the annual output value of up to 10 billion yuan; company mainly engaged in various types of high-end automotive motors, super-precision rotor Mainly used in EPS motor, ABS motor, cooling fan motor, starter motor, glass lifter motor, sunroof motor, blower motor, oil pump motor and other fixed rotors of driving motors and motor of new energy vehicles and motor rotors of motorcycles, Household appliances stator and rotor, industrial motor rotor and its core hardware components research and development, manufacturing and sales. Major customers include the United States, Japan, Germany, France and other well-known European and American manufacturers, we for many multinational companies and global automotive parts hundred enterprises to provide professional support services.

The company is committed to the global automotive industry and high-speed precision stamping improvement and improvement, adhere to the "full participation, continuous improvement, prevention, customer satisfaction," the quality and "integrity-based, service-oriented, excellence, affinity and symbiosis" Business philosophy. Has passed the ISO / 9001 and ISO / TS16949-2009, VDA6.1 quality management system certification and we are in the automotive industry new quality system IATF16949 and ISO14000 certification; continuous improvement and continuous improvement of the company's quality assurance system to ensure that the products Quality and stability, and strive to create a domestic and global leader in automotive motor and household motor stator and rotor production of well-known enterprises.

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